Artist in the Making (AIM)

With the retirement of the GRACEArt Program by the Greater Reston Arts Center, we welcome Wolftrap's own art program: Artist In the Making, or AIM.


The Wolftrap's Artist In the Making program strives to turn each student into a life-long art lover. By teaching art through both the masters and established modern artists, we teach art that AIMs to teach the foundations of art and artist techniques.





Artist: Michelangelo


Period: (1475 – 1564) High Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Renaissance, Mannerism

Known For: Sculpture, painting, architecture and poetry

Project: To Be Announced





Artist: Edgar Degas

Period: (1834 – 1917) Impressionism, Modern art, realism, Neoclasscism

Known For: Painting, sculpture, drawing

Project: To Be Announced




(Ref: Wikipedia)


Artist: Roald Dufy

Period: (1877 – 1953) Post-Impressionism, Naïve art, Fauvism, Cubism, Impressionism, Modern art, Modernism

Known For: Painting, drawing, design, printmaking

Project: To Be Announced




Artist: Salvador Dali

Period: (1904 – 1989) Surrealism, Expressionism, Post-Impression, and MORE

Known For: Painting, drawing


Project: To Be Announced





Artist: Faith Ringgold

Period: (1930 – Current)

Known For: Painting, Textile arts, Children's Books

Project: To Be Announced