After School Programs

Wolftrap Elementary School PTA offers many fun and exciting after school classes for students. 


Wolftrap PTA's Winter/Spring 2020 classes will begin on February 3, 2020.  Please review the Winter/Spring 2020 After School Flyer and Brochure for class session dates, no class dates and any additional information about the policies and procedures for your student's participation in the After School Programs.


All classes meet from 3:25 p.m. to 4:25 p.m.   Below are the room assignments for the Winter/Spring 2020 session:


Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cafeteria Digital Animation 2-6

Filmmaking 3-6 / 

Intro to Sculpture K-2

Chess Club 1-6   Electronics w/Minecraft Redstrone 1-6 
Teacher's Lounge (163)       Tiny Chefs: Snack Attack K-5  
Computer Room (133) Keyboarding 3-6        
Gym / Field (Downstairs)  Basketball K-4 Hip Hop All Stars K-6 Fencing for Young Jedi K-5 Run Club K-6  
Art Room (33 - Downstairs)   Sew What? 3-6 Art Journaling 3-6 Puzzle Club 3-6 Drawsters K-3
Music Room (20 - Downstairs)         Glee Club K-5
Library       RoboFun K-6  
Multipurpose (32 - Downstairs) Funky Forces and More K-4   Tea and Manners w/Mrs. B K-4   Yoga K-5



The Wolftrap PTA After School Programs serve many families within the Wolftrap Elementary School Community. The PTA appreciates all the support of students and families in the continued success of the programs.  


We are always interested in volunteers!  Please contact us if you wish to contribute in any way.


Questions?  Email us at


After School Programs Procedures and Policies


Remembering to attend the class is the responsibility of the student. The PTA makes every effort to inform the teachers of after-school activities, but the teachers cannot be responsible for remembering each student's schedule each day of the week. Please help your child by reminding them each day they have an enrichment class.



PLEASE note the times for each class and know when to pick up your child. Late pickups cannot be accommodated and children may be removed from a class for repeated late pickups. Teachers and staff are not responsible for enrichment classes, and most have left for the day by the time classes are dismissed. Therefore, there is no one in the school who can take responsibility for your child beyond the contracted class time. Emergencies happen, so plan ahead to have someone able to pick up your child on time if the need arises. A late fee may be charged per the vendor for late pick ups.



PLEASE note that the school clinic is not open during before and after school activities. If there is any health issue/concern with your kid, please notify your after school class teacher. For example  Epinephrine is not available. If your child might suffer an anaphylactic allergic reaction and need epinephrine, please make arrangements for a trained adult to attend the before or after school program with your child's Epi-Pen at the ready. Your PTA wants to make sure your child is safe.     



Students are expected to behave in a manner that respects the instructors and other students as well as school property.  If the instructor identifies a problem in this area, the instructor will contact the parents and notify them of the problem.  If the behavior is not corrected, the instructor will notify the parents and the student will not be allowed to continue to attend the class.  No refund will be given.



Refund requests must be submitted in writing (email) to the program coordinator before the first meeting of the class. After the first day of class, no refunds will be considered except in extreme or extenuating circumstances and at the discretion and approval of the PTA. If a refund is approved, the PTA will issue a check to the parent account holder on file for the cost of the class minus a 10% processing fee. In the event of a late registration, program fees will not be prorated for missed classes. In the event of a cancellation, the full fee will be refunded.



1. DISMISSAL TO AN AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITY: Please have your child go to the cafeteria (except GEMS whose meeting places will be specified by the teacher) to sign in for his/her class each week. If your child usually goes to SACC, please have him/her go to SACC and we will pick him up there. Your student’s teacher will receive a copy of the Afterschool Activities Roster, which will list your student’s name, activity and dates/times of participation.

2. PICKING UP FROM AN AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITY: Parents/Guardians need to plan ahead and adjust their student’s pick-up arrangements on Afterschool Activity days. Students will be in their assigned activity space. You will be expected to sign out your student at the end each class. If you are more than 10 minutes late, a late fee will be assessed.

3. DISMISSAL TO SACC: SACC will receive a Roster of students registered for Activities. Students who are normally dismissed to SACC will be sent to SACC at the end of the school day. Students must check-in at SACC.


In the case of inclement weather the following policy applies:

• FCPS Early Dismissal -- All afternoon activities are cancelled

• FCPS Afternoon/Evening Events Cancellation -- All afternoon activities are cancelled

• FCPS School Cancellation -- All afterschool activities are cancelled.

Make-ups will be scheduled as time permits at the end of the session. The instructor will provide notice of any make-up dates.