Cultural Arts Assemblies

The Cultural Arts Committee brings the arts and sciences into Wolftrap, giving all students an opportunity to experience various mediums covering music, dance, art and science. 





Through music, rhythm, and dance, on Friday, October 18th, students in all grades learned about the sounds of Latin American instruments, including the: donkey jaw, goat toenail rattle, and armadillo shell guitar.  Through song and dance, Cantaré musicians enabled Wolftrap students to explore the Indigenous, European and African cultures that shape Latin American music.  Through the Carnaval performance program, students experienced rhythms from different Carnaval traditions in the Andean countries, Central America, Mexico, and Brazil.  It was a meaningful way to gather on a Friday morning and experience feeling connected to one other through music, humor, and learning.   

Cantaré has performed at venues like the Kennedy Center, Strathmore, Smithsonian Discovery Theater and Wolf Trap.  The Washington Area Music Association nominated Cantaré 7 times for Best Children’s Group or Best Latin Group, and Cecilia Esquivel 5 times for Best Latino Vocalist. She received the WAMMIE award in 2004, 2007 and 2008. Cantaré is a 2006 Parents’ Choice Recommended award winner for their CD, Al Agua Pato.

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2018-2019 Events 



On October 31, the Cultural Arts Committee welcomed Flow Circus' Paul Miller to Wolftrap Elementary.  Flow Circus performed the interactive show, Science of Awesome, at our first Cultural Arts Assemblies of the year.  Flow Circus leveraged juggling and other skill toys to create positive impact, boost energy, and strengthen connections while shifting mindsets to redefine failure and how we approach stress.  By sharing the experience of struggling, failing, and succeeding, Flow Circus endeavored to connect children in an authentic, unplugged way, working to create new self-awareness and a growth mindset.  In Science of Awesome, Paul left students (and teachers!) with the desire to discover the forces of the invisible, physical world around them.   

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Also available: Science of Awesome Teacher Guide


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