Cultural Arts Assemblies

The Cultural Arts Committee brings the arts and sciences into Wolftrap, giving all students an opportunity to experience various mediums covering music, dance, art and science. 


2018-2019 Events 



On October 31, the Cultural Arts Committee welcomed Flow Circus' Paul Miller to Wolftrap Elementary.  Flow Circus performed the interactive show, Science of Awesome, at our first Cultural Arts Assemblies of the year.  Flow Circus leveraged juggling and other skill toys to create positive impact, boost energy, and strengthen connections while shifting mindsets to redefine failure and how we approach stress.  By sharing the experience of struggling, failing, and succeeding, Flow Circus endeavored to connect children in an authentic, unplugged way, working to create new self-awareness and a growth mindset.  In Science of Awesome, Paul left students (and teachers!) with the desire to discover the forces of the invisible, physical world around them.   

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Also available: Science of Awesome Teacher Guide


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