Edison Expo: Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction Challenge

Each year the PTA holds a STEAM fair where students can present STEAM projects. 

This year, we are putting a twist on this activity, making a community event to encourage STEAM and community participation. The PTA Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction Challenge is new this year runs February 18 through February 25th! 


Here’s a short video explaining the challenge: 


Students K-6 will create the longest popsicle structure possible, then take a video when they release the chain reaction. 


To participate, students will submit a short video as well as (1) the length in inches and (2) the number of popsicle sticks used. 



  1. Purchase popsicle sticks. Flatter and larger the better. 6" Seem to work the best.
  2. Build your popsicle stick chain reaction.
  3. Measure before exploding the chain.
  4. Take a video of the exploding chain. 
  5. Submit results via Google Form here the week of Feb 21 - Feb 25. 


  1. All participants in the classroom with the highest cumulative average length will win free ICE CREAM. Participation helps your score, so encourage your friends to take part.
  2. Individual participants in each grade with the highest cumulative average wins a price!