Edison Expo Fair

February 7, 2018!

Edison Expo is a great opportunity for children to showcase their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Experiments and Information Displays can be showcased and projects can be completed as an individual or as a group.

Children will be able to present their projects in class during homeroom. Mad Science will also be attending the Expo and exhibiting their own science booth. 

Information on how to sign up and get started is available here.

There is no deadline and you can show up the evening of the event, but sign up if you can on Sign Up Genius as this helps with planning. 

See 2017 flyer here.

All Edison Exhibitors are encouraged to conduct an experiment or come up with an invention to display to the Wolftrap community. Click through the list of websites in the Getting Started packet listed below for interesting ideas.  To create an experiment for the Edison Expo, follow these steps:

1.  Read the Getting Started packet.
2.  Sign up here online.
3.  Print out a label for your project board. (We need the project label just to be sure that all students are accounted for on the project so that they get their ribbons.)

On the day of the event, all grades will be in the cafeteria. We’ll extend into the gym if needed. The students are to bring ONLY their project boards to school with them in the morning.  The project boards will remain at school until after the event, at which point you will take them home.

The students are NOT to bring their project models/materials (e.g., plants, jars, volcanoes, balloons, etc) on the morning of the event.  They are to be brought in the evening and set on the project table along with the board that will already be set up for your child.  In the past there have been too many project models that have been lost or broken, so it will be the responsibility of the family to bring in the model at night.

The Edison Expo committee will be collecting the project boards in the afternoon from your child's classroom to set up. 

For more information, contact Keely Lauretti, Karen Degidio, or Linda Cai at edisonexpo@wolftrappta.org.


Take a look at last year's pictures: