Wolftrap Elementary 2020 Edison Expo and Edison Expo Egg Drop!

The Wolftrap Elementary Edison Expo will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p,m.


The Edison Expo, Wolftrap Elementary’s STEAM, is a great opportunity for students K-6 to showcase their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). Children can opt to showcase an Experiment, an Informational Display, or an Invention.


Also join us for the second annual Edison Expo Egg Drop competition for 5th and 6th graders. Build a contraption to protect your egg from an 8 foot drop!




The Edison Expo is open to all Wolftrap Elementary students.


All Edison Expo participants MUST register by February 14, 2020. Registration Open!


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (https://forms.gle/DPL5Y3XcKMwvXidB7) for the EDISON EXPO (For all Wolftrap Elementary students)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (https://forms.gle/qzzabbR4NiWXdSUQ7) for the EDISON EXPO EGG DROP COMPETITION (For 5th and 6th Graders Only)





Identify the what your project is. Use the Getting Started Guide to help you brainstorm ideas. Projects can be completed as an individual or as a group.  If you have a friend in mind, do the project together!


Hypothesize, Experiment, Analyze Results, Show Results! Use the Project Steps to conduct your experiment or invention.  Guidance is provided on how to setup your Expo display.




Print the Project Label and place on the back of your Expo display.


All project trifold posters can be brought the morning of February 19 to your homeroom where students may have an opportunity to present. Trifold posters will be collected by our Expo crew and setup for students in the cafeteria for the evening event.


Bring the rest of your materials at 6:00pm to the Wolftrap ES cafeteria to set up with the rest of your project. 


Please note: students are prohibited from bringing the following: mold, bacteria, and vertebrates. Students may also not bring fizzy, combustible or explosive items such as cola, firecrackers etc.




During the Edison Expo, participants are asked to stand in front of their project display for a 45-minute session that evening. During that time, our volunteer scientists and engineers will be around to discuss the projects! You should stand in front of your project from 6:15PM to 7:00PM. When you are not standing with your project, you may view other projects at the Expo.


Questions? Contact the Edison Expo Committee at edisonexpo@wolftrappta.org.


2nd Annual Edison Expo Egg Drop (For 5th and 6th Graders Only)

Are you up for the challenge? Build a system to protect an egg from cracking or breaking from an 8 ft. fall!



  1. Contraptions must be smaller than 12”x12”x12” and may not be dangerous or extra messy. They will be measured at the Expo prior to being dropped. Any contraption that does not meet this criteria may be disqualified.
  2. The contraption will need to be able to take an egg that is provided at the Expo. No eggs brought from home will be allowed to be dropped.
  3. Contraptions will be dropped by an Expo committee member at the expo. Any instructions on how to drop will need to be provided to eh committee member prior to dropping.



CHECKIN & MEASURING (6:45PM) - All Egg Droppers should arrive in the Wolftrap ES cafeteria by 6:45PM and check in at the Egg Drop check-in for contraption measuring.


EGG DROP BEGINS (7:15PM) - Each student will have the opportunity to present their contraption and then have our Edison Expo Egg Dropper Specialist drop the contraption from 8ft. Those with an apparatus that successfully protects the egg, will be added to the Egg Drop Wall of Fame in the school display that will go on display in MARCH 2- 13.


Don’t have a display or not presenting? Come enjoy the displays and the egg drop competition!


Questions? Contact the Edison Expo Committee at edisonexpo@wolftrappta.org.