All acts for the show will be pre-recorded in a compiled format. In many ways this is an exciting opportunity for our Wolftrap students to show off talents that were previously impossible to present in a live space since there are few limitations to the type of act submitted on video. Here are some examples:

  • A fantastic butterfly stroke
  • A great golf swing
  • A talented drummer
  • Stop action video
  • Lego construction
  • Video production
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • And more, so much more….

Basic Info:

  • March 25, 2021 - 5:00 PM and ending at midnight
  • 100% virtual via Google Meets
  • 100% pre-recorded delivery of content
  • Registration is Required For Attendance: Click Here to Register!
  • All student participants must have a signed media waiver
  • All acts are due by February 15th (in their final format)
  • Questions can be sent to: talentshow@wolftrappta.org



  • All acts will be pre-recorded in advance of the performance
  • Acts can only be comprised of WTE students
  • Each student can only register and participate in one Talent Show act
    (not including the 6th grade act (see below)
  • Each act can be up to 1 minute and 30 seconds in length but we strongly recommend that you keep the act as shorter if there isn’t reason to use the fully allotted time.
  • Students can submit the final version of their video recorded act using the Google Form
  • All acts are due by February 15


  • Student will film their pre-recorded talent video
  • Students will work with a parent to upload the video using the Google Form
  • The Talent Show Committee will preview the video and let you know if we have any feedback
  • The Talent Show Committee will send all parent contacts a waiver for each student participant. Waivers must be signed and submitted in advance for a child’s act to be included in the final show.
  • The Talent Show Committee will compile the acts into a single video for the night of the show
  • Parents, family and friends will register to attend the show via the Google Form
  • Parents, family and friends will receive access to the show the day before
  • Parents, family and friends will access the live stream of pre-recorded content the night of the show via Google Meets

SiXTH Graders

The Talent Show has historically been a very special opportunity to showcase our sixth grade class and this year will be no different. In keeping with our school's theme this year, our "virtually unstoppable" sixth grade students are invited to participate in a showcase by submitting a short (approximately 10 second) video of themselves, which will be compiled into an iMovie set to music.


The video your child submits should not include background music. It does not need to include any audio at all, since background music will be added later in iMovie.


Video Suggestions:


The video clip your child submits can be anything at all! (school appropriate)


They can create something new or use an existing clip that highlights any activity they find fun - climbing a tree, making up a dance, skateboarding, walking their dog, sliding into home plate, an excerpt from a dance performance, shooting hoops, breakdancing, making a painting, running and playing - anything at all they enjoy! Just simple and fun!


Non-Video Options:

If your child does not want to submit a video, no worries!  We can also include your child by incorporating a photo of them engaged in an activity they love or just a headshot they like whether it is a school portrait or a photo of your choosing from your camera roll.


Please Note


If you have more than one sixth grader, they may each submit a video.  Remember, all sixth graders can submit both a video for the Sixth Grade Showcase and a video of their talent.