Green Team

What does it mean to be "green"?

Children thrive when they are connected with the environment and nature in their daily lives - through learning, playing, and just being.  Exploring connections to the earth offers the ultimate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) experience.  Facilitating students' learning about their role in the environment fosters individual growth experiences, STEAM content knowledge and skills, and stewardship of our natural resources.  This is a start for becoming "green".

The Green Team's goal is to connect our students, teachers, and parents to the natural environment to foster learning and stewardship.  We promote programs that sustain and connect us to our environment through learning and playing in nature, waste reduction and recycling, and promoting sustainable living like biking and walking to school.  Our work is guided by the FCPS Get2Green Program

A core of parent volunteers leads the PTA Green Team and coordinates with the student Green Team, led by guidance counselor Mrs. Laura May.  The student Green Team meets weekly with Mrs. May to plan how to implement ideas throughout the year.

Anyone is welcome to join PTA Green Team events and help with implementing portions of our activities - there are opportunities to fit all interests and schedules!

What's Happening!

In 2016-17, the PTA Green Team continued to run successful programs and is responding to community interest to foster more connections with nature.  Come join us!

Nature Connections

New in 2016-17, these are activities open to anyone in our Wolftrap school community - students, family members (including non-Wolftrap siblings), teachers, and staff.  They are simple yet meaningful opportunities to engage together in nature on our school grounds.  Students are using math and artistic principles to create art and design with an in nature, working independently and at times together to lead a creative project and process, learning about local biodiversity and seasonal changes, and using all five senses to be present in nature.  Look for upcoming activities on the Wolftrap Facebook page and the weekly Blast. 

Cafeteria Recycling and Food Share:

This continuing program helps us responsibly dispose of unopened food that would otherwise go in the trash, and recycle some of the waste we create in the cafeteria.  We follow the FCPS Recycling Program.  Student Green Team members and other volunteers help facilitate separating these items during lunch in the cafeteria.  The unopened food goes to local families in need of food - fostering not only waste reduction, but compassion. 

How to help:  1)  Volunteer to assist students with facilitating the sorting system during lunch 2) Sign up to deliver unopened food to Food for Others food back on scheduled days between 2-5pm:  Sign up here:

School Supply Recycling:

Beyond paper and plastic generally, specific school supplies can be recycled for new life.  The PTA Green Team has bins in the 3rd Grade / Kindergarten hallway to collect select items.  We send these to recycling programs throughout the year.  Students can see how their trash adds up, and that it can be used for new purposes.  The PTA Green Team bulletin board is by these bins, so look for info and student work related to sustainability.

How to help:  1) Help students and teachers know that these items are being recycled and encourage your classroom to create a plan to make it happen.

Transportation Initiatives / Walk  and Bike to School:

Using feet to get to school conserves natural resources and helps students interact with their environment.  Wolftrap has a history of high participation for walking and biking to school.  This year we are focusing on measuring this participation and identifying new leadership for next year, as it's the final year our current initiative leader will be at Wolftrap.

How to help:  Let us know if you'd like to learn how to lead this straightforward and important aspect of Wolftrap's green efforts.     

Eco-Schools USA:

Eco-Schools USA is a national program by the National Wildlife Federation that FCPS promotes to help make our schools greener.  Visit the Eco-Schools USA page here

How to help:  We kicked off work in Spring 2016 and are seeking new volunteers to help roll it out in 2016-17.  This is a great opportunity for someone looking to contribute virtually, on their own time.

Want to connect?  Contact the Green Team at