Green Team

Connecting students with environmental stewardship and the outdoors for learning, health, and fun. Contact:




Children thrive when they are connected with the environment and nature in their daily lives - through learning, playing, and just being.  Educating children about environmental stewardship supports development of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) content knowledge, civic engagement through protecting natural resources, and health through connecting with nature.


The Green Team's goal is to connect our students, teachers, and families to the natural environment to support instructional learning and environmental stewardship. Our work is guided by the award-winning FCPS Get2Green program.  


Parent volunteers lead the PTA Green Team and coordinate with the sixth grade student Keep It Green Team, led by guidance counselor Mrs. Laura May. The student Green Team meets weekly, and is largely responsible for cafeteria recycling.



Come join the PTA Green Team - there are opportunities to fit all interests and schedules! Contact chair Melanie Meren at



Wolftrap is on the green path – with more to come


Wolftrap students benefit from PTA Green Team support through these initiatives:


Schoolyard Learning


Wolftrap welcomes its first outdoor classroom in Fall 2017! Promoting outdoor learning is a proven strategy for improving academic outcomes, providing physical and mental health benefits, and promoting environmental stewardship. 


Teachers requested an outdoor space to bring students to learn a variety of subject matter content. Some students are already eager to apply Project Based Learning skills in the space. This space will need continuous upkeep by our community. More is to come!










Students have also participated in nature art activities using loose parts to create mathematical designsand structures (left). 


Learn more about outdoor learning from the Children & Nature Network’s Green Schoolyards initiative.








School Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS)

In Spring 2017, the student Green Team attended SEAS at George Mason University, where hundreds of students shared their school greening strategies. Our team exhibited their tactics for improving recycling schoolwide. The team’s work resulted in an estimated 25% increase in the amount of recycling happening in our cafeteria! SEAS is an annual event hosted by NoVA Outside. SEAS team 2016-17 right. 






Cafeteria Recycling and Food Share


This continuing program helps us responsibly dispose of unopened food that would otherwise go in the trash. We follow the FCPS Recycling Program. Student Green Team members help facilitate separating these items during lunch. The unopened food goes to local families in need - fostering not only waste reduction, but compassion.  


How to help: 1) Volunteer to assist students with facilitating the sorting system during lunch 2) Sign up to deliver unopened food to Food for Others on scheduled days between 2-5pm: Sign up here:







Safe Routes to School Transportation Initiatives

Using feet to get to school conserves natural resources and helps students be healthy and engage with their environment. Wolftrap has a history of high participation for walking and biking to school. Every other Wednesday is “Walking Wednesday”, where there’s even coffee provided by Caffe Amouri to add motivation for parents! We also have regularly scheduled Bike Trains, which will be on the PTA calendar.

Help is welcome on Walking Wednesdays from about 8am – 8:30, and also on Bike Train days, to keep students moving in the right direction and arrive to class on time.





School Supply Recycling:

Specific school supplies can be recycled for new life:

  • Markers of any kind, with or without caps
  • Pencils
  • Glue stick containers

Put items in the bins in the 3rd Grade / Kindergarten hallway. We send these to recycling programs throughout the year. Anyone can help students and teachers know that these items are being recycled, and encourage your classroom to create a plan to make it happen. Parent help is needed periodically to send collected items to recycling programs.





Eco-Schools USA:

Eco-Schools USA is a national program by the National Wildlife Federation that FCPS promotes to increase environmental stewardship. Visit the Eco-Schools USA page here.  


How to help:  This is a great opportunity for someone looking to contribute virtually, on their own time, since logging participation and action is done via website. The PTA enrolled Wolftrap into the program in 2016, and we have ideas for how to further engage in the program. For more information, contact the green team.




Want to connect?  Contact the Green Team at